Lina Loves Drawing

Art blog of Chelsea 'Linaeve' Beiler, Illustration student at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. Currently working through senior thesis work, updates might be slow until May!

Livestream died on me, so here’s a new link for those who are still interested in watching!

This was fun! Did a Halloween art exchange (secret santa style) and got a really cute character with the prompt “zombies.” I decided to put this adorable pastel dog through some pretty horrific injuries for the sake of Halloween. I don’t do stuff like this often at all, so it was a challenge.

Gotta say, the guts were probably the best part. slimy and shiny c:

Amaya dressed up for Halloween ayooo

ten-minute sketch of self-indulgent Original Character Halloween Costume nonsense before work I’m SO EXCITED to finish drawing this

furiously channels Marlet

Breaking in my brand new Yiynova MSP19U+ with some really quick warm up doodles and some more refined/study sketches!

First impressions: this tablet is really slick and an amazing competitor with Cintiqs I’ve used in the past for a third of the price. Setup was only difficult because I was trying to install new drivers at 11pm with alcohol in my system (not recommended), otherwise I was able to get everything up and running relatively quickly.

The only thing I’m missing is my pen eraser but that’s easy enough to live without, otherwise I’m pretty chuffed with what I got. Especially happy to be drawing on a slick surface again, I grew up on a graphire4 with a plastic cover and switching over to an Intuos4 was more torturous than I could have ever imagined, haha. Everything feels so much faster, lighter, and more natural to me now!

Also highly recommend this stumpy pencil photoshop brush! Fantastic little tool <3

Drew something for my fiancé as a way to mess with realism again. Going straight from cute and simple to detailed, huzzah!

Art is of a personal character, please do not use this for your blog!

Made a cute little repeating pattern for my personal blog because I’ve been obsessed with drawing Ashewyn cute-style for the past few days. It’s not much, but it’s better than being totally artblocked. I’ll hopefully get back into the groove of drawing soon, I’ve had a bit of a rough summer artistically.

I’m his ladydude (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚

Hanging out with a friend and we decided to draw our favorite ACNL villagers. Forever in love with this adorable anteater.

Made a drawing for my lovely friend teetonka between commissions because she’s fantastic and her character is a heck of a lot of fun to draw haha

I have a lot of feelings about this movie- as the first person in my immediate family who didn’t end up going into the medical field, I often have a hard time relating to my parents, so hearing my mom tell me that she was proud of me at graduation was a hell of a feeling. I made this piece before that happened, when I was hoping to hear something like that.

Rumor has it the next movie is going to have more heart-wrenching parental feelings :’) Going to see it tonight, so I guess I get to find out.